How does the handwash tablet dissolved in water come out foamy?

How does the handwash tablet dissolved in water come out foamy?

18th Jul 2022

Dissolved in tap water, a FOMO foaming handwash tablet produces a soapy mixture that when used with a foam dispenser will eject a gentle foamy soap! It's not so much about the mixture as it is about the dispenser. A foaming dispenser has a special chamber that pushes part soap mixture and part air together to make the foam. A foaming dispenser will have a larger neck to give way for the thick foamy mixture.

Foaming soap is more environmentally friendly than gel soaps as they are thinner with less soap mixture going down the sink into the ecosystem, and less water used to wash the soap off.

The foamy coverage also decreases the amount of soap required to lather and wash hands which makes foaming soap more economical than regular soaps. One single FOMO tablet produces over 610 pumps which is exceptional value!

Less emissions are used with foaming soap. Regular soap is produced (often internationally) as a full heavy bottle, then transported from distribution centers to shops, then into homes. Whereas foaming soap is a light empty dispenser that uses small tablets and tap water from within the home.

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