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Tea Trees has developed a range of innovative cleaning solutions which will keep your home clean, stop plastic from getting into the environment and will reduce the clutter in your home, instantly!

Drop In, Clean Up!  It's that simple.  Just fill your long life recycled Tea Trees bottle with tap water, drop in a Tea Trees dissolvable cleaning tablet!  In only 10 - 15 minutes, secure the spray nozzle and get to work!  Stop paying for cleaning products full of 95% water.  Our long life bottles are recycled and recyclable and will do the job of hundreds of bottles.  Reorganise your cupboards, never run out of cleaning product and have fun knowing you're making a real difference to our planet and your home. 

Why Tea Trees Cleaning products? 
Highly effective cleaning system - tough on stains and germs

Reusable Bottle - no more single use plastic waste

Space saving tablets, convenient and reduces clutter in your cupboards
Not tested on animals

Environmentally friendlier ingredients 

Australian owned company
100% satisfaction guaranteed
Stop the senseless pollution of our earth and oceans 
According to WWF, Australian’s dispose of 130 kilograms of plastic every year.  Of this only 9.4% is effectively recycled.  According to the ABC’s War on Waste, around 130,000 tonnes (that’s 130 million kilograms) of plastic enters the ocean.  Enough is enough.  As a whole, we want to make a difference.  Yet changing behaviour can be challenging.
So Tea Trees has made it easy to make one small yet significant change to reduce the amount of plastic entering our environment.

Our eco cleaning tablets will replace one plastic cleaning bottle.  With a family of four using only one Tea Trees product (say Kitchen Cleaner), you’ll take around 12 plastic bottles out of circulation in a year (assuming you’ll use one tablet making 500 ml every month).  If you were to buy all 5 of our products (kitchen, bathroom, multi purpose, glass and foaming hand wash), that’s 60 less plastic bottles in the world in one year.  If 10% of households made the same change (842,000 houses) then that’s 50.5 MILLION less bottles in a year.  And we reckon it can be done!

One bottle.  One tab.  Dissolve.  Clean.  Repeat