FOMO Foaming Handwash

No more FOMO with the Tea Trees Foaming Hand wash dissolvable tablets!  

Simply add 450 mls of warm water to your long life, recyclable Tea Trees bottle, drop in a foaming hand wash tablet, wait around 15 mins for the tablet to dissolve and... VOILA!  Soaping, fluffy, anti bacterial, gentle hand wash for the whole family.  It's not greasy or overly 'detergenty', but so soft on your hands, the whole family will love making and using their own foaming hand wash!

Typical cleaning bottles use 95% water, weigh half a kilo (thus costing a fortune in C02 transport emissions) and contain really strong, corrosive or toxic ingredients.  Our tablets weigh 8grams, are gentle on surfaces, senses and the environment.  Best of all, no more single use plastic bottles being disposed of.  Shop with confidence - it's one of our favourite products and is soon to be your favourite too!