What's in the tablets?

Great question - Click HERE to find a complete list of ingredients that make up our amazing Cleaning & Foaming hand wash tablets.  

What are the tablet wrappers made out of?

The tablet wrappers are made from recycled paper, aluminium foil and a pvc wrapping - whilst we are aiming to source fully biodegradable wrappers in the short term, we are happy knowing the amount of material being disposed of is around 0.1% of a PET plastic bottle!

What are your cleaning bottles made from?

The cleaning range of bottles is made from 100% recycled RPET plastic and is recyclable.  Our packaging is all made in Australia.

What are your hand wash bottles made from?

Our foaming hand wash bottles are made from PET plastic and are designed to last a very long time - they are fully recyclable.  Please note - the pumps contain a number of components and should not be recycled.

Why is my bottle leaking at the top?

This is a pretty standard, yet minor issue.  Generally it means you've become a little too excited to get cleaning and have placed the spray / dispenser on before the tablet has completely dissolved, hence making a pressurised bottle.  No issue.  Just loosen the spray and ensure the tablet is fully dissolved.  It should immediately solve the issue.  Easy tiger!

How do the tablets work?  

The cleaning tablets are made from non toxic and eco friendly chemicals and react to water, hence it's important to keep the tablets in their specifically designed pouch until use.  Simply fill the Tea Trees long life recycled bottle with luke warm water and drop in the cleaning tablet.  The tablet will immediately begin dissolving - it's important to wait for complete dissolving before securing the spray as pressure can build, causing leaks.  Now you're ready to clean!

Are the tablets safe?

Whilst our tablets contain gentle ingredients, the tablets should be treated as a cleaning product and therefore should always remain out of reach of children.  If you suffer from sensitive skin we recommend handling the tablets with gloves. 

What are your cleaning cloths made from?

Our cloths are made from 100% plant based materials.  The cloth is made from bamboo and the stitching is cotton.  Bamboo is a fast growing and sustainable material which is naturally anti bacterial and long lasting.  The cloths (much like clothing) can be wash time and time again.  Make sure you wash the cloths separately in cool water and if you are soaking, use a oxygen based bleach.

Are your products guaranteed?  

Yes we guarantee you will be comfortable with our products and if not, you can send them back for a full replacement or refund.  Our long life bottles and spray mechanisms are Australian made and either made from 100% recyclable PET plastic or recycled plastic.  They are built to last.  Our cleaning tablets have been tested by hundreds of Australian households and 100% of users stated they believe our cleaning products are at least better than the supermarket equivalent.

Where are your tablets made?

We have formulated the ingredients in Victoria and the tablets are manufactured overseas.  Whilst we would like to make the tablets locally the cost is very inhibitive - in time we will be looking to move manufacture to Australia

Is your logistics environmentally friendly?

Yes, we use Sendle and Australia post to ship our orders within Australia.  They are both 100% carbon neutral meaning Co2 emissions are 100% offset. Our international shipping partners are the same and given our cleaning tablets are only 8g in weight, the environmental impact is a lot less than shipping 500 ml of liquid!

Who owns Tea Trees?

Saskia Angel & Stu Atkins started Tea Trees in 2020.  Right when the world seemed to be caving in!  There's one thing that remains stable in an everchanging world - the need to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment, the amount of Co2 being emitted with transport costs and paying for cleaning products filled with 95% water.  Sas & Stu travelled to Bali to see the damage single use plastics is having on our planet and decided to start a business focussing on delivering a world class cleaning solution cost effectively which benefits the planet.  After 9 months of planning, designing, testing, retesting, and re-working, we've finally brought it all together and as of May 2021, it's ready to roll!