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Home Cleaning refills

Ditch Single Use Plastic!

Simply add 500 mls of your own tap water to the Tea Trees fully recycled, long lasting spray bottle (or one of your own).  Don't pay the cleaning companies for 95% tap water - use your own!


Cleaning Refill Tablets

Take a Tea Trees cleaning tablet refill (Kitchen, Bathroom, Glass, Multi Purpose or even foaming hand wash) and watch the magic happen!  Dissolving takes 5 - 10 minutes


Add the Spray Nozzle

Once dissolved, simply add the spray nozzle and get started.  Each tablet creates 500mls of cleaning product - no more single use plastic bottles entering land fill and less clutter in your home!



Our tablet refills are around $3.75 delivered to your door - you can now skip the cleaning aisle, saving you time and money.  Not to mention how much space you'll save.

New Products

  • Coconut Fragrance is yum!

    Posted by Ada Jackson on 8th Nov 2021

    “Probably the best smelling hand soap I have come across”

  • Bathroom cleaner

    Posted by Venny on 8th Nov 2021

    “Really good on my tiles. Cleaned off all grime with ease. Gentle ingredients is good for my family”

  • The General Spray

    Posted by Dianne Blyth on 13th Oct 2021

    “Love this product. It cleans EVERYTHING!! And I've looked up the ingredients - all are nice and gentle for my sensitive family.”

  • Such lovely products

    Posted by ITsKarenWebb on 18th Oct 2021

    “Great value. Exceptional cleaners. Amazing fragrances. Best of all - no single use plastic. I will be buying this pack for all my Christmas presents! ”

  • Best kitchen cleaner!

    Posted by Navena on 8th Nov 2021

    “I understand what everyone is raving about! This product is the best I've come across. I can't wait to get the others”

  • Good for apartment living

    Posted by Lisa_M_Benno on 27th Sep 2021

    “These space savers are a must for apartment living. The bottles are thin and tall and the refill tablets take up no space. I've just doubled the cupboard space by using this brand over supermarket cleaners. Works well and smells amazing too!”

  • 4 pack

    Posted by Jo Harris on 20th Sep 2021

    “Best cleaning products I've bought forever. Works, good value, fast delivery and best of all is better for our planet”

  • Great Cloths!

    Posted by Chloe on 8th Nov 2021

    “Found these at East Fruits in Geelong and got the last pack. Absolutely love them. Have ordered more slightly smiling face emoji”

  • 5 Stars for FOMO refills

    Posted by Lili Yee on 13th Oct 2021

    “Due to my daughter and my own skin issues I have to really research which soap I purchase. I gave this one a go and it is perfect. No irritation at all.”

  • Love "The General"

    Posted by Susan Zuzarte on 10th Sep 2021

    “So so happy to have found this brand. My products arrived today and I have already used the general. Extremely easy DIY and works really well, definitely recommend "The General", will be back for more”