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Reusable Amber Foaming Bottle 450ml

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Reusable Amber Foaming Bottle 450ml

Introducing the Reusable Amber Foaming Bottle, a sophisticated addition to your eco-conscious lifestyle. Crafted with care, this 450ml amber bottle not only embodies elegance but also promotes sustainability. The amber hue adds a touch of warmth and style, while the reusable and foaming design ensures a luxurious and eco-friendly experience with each use. Perfect for a variety of applications, from gentle hand washes to DIY cleaning solutions. Elevate your daily routine with this reusable gem that combines elegance and environmental responsibility.

In this pack you will receive 1 x recyclable long life foaming dispenser

DirectionsSimply add 450 ml of warm water to your Tea Trees long life Reusable Amber Foaming Bottle, drop in a dissolvable hand wash tablet, allow to fully dissolve (10-15 minutes) and voila - gentle foaming hand wash goodness awaits!

  • Less clutter in your cupboards
  • Less plastic entering landfill
  • One bottle – one tablet – dissolve – clean – repeat


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