The General Antibacterial Multi Purpose Cleaner - 4 refill tablets

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‘The General’ Multi purpose cleaner tablets – 4 pack

Equals under $4.25 for each 500ml refill including FREE postage

Refill your Tea Trees long life recycled spray bottle with this 4 x pack of multi - purpose cleaning tablets.  Never run out of an all-round house cleaning system again – while removing single use plastic bottles from the environment and de-cluttering your cupboard in the process!

Our gentle yet effective cleaning solution will remove hard core oil, grease, food and grime from all household surfaces including bbq’s, sinks, cupboards, benches, stove tops bathrooms and even ovens!  Tiles, ceramics, laminates and timber have all been tested and it works a treat (but we recommend you test a small patch and allow to dry to triple check).  Best of all, it's antibacterial, so it will kill those nasty germs!

Other benefits of the Multi purpose cleaning tablets include

  • Less clutter in your cupboards
  • Less plastic entering landfill
  • More supply - a backup of cleaning tablets ready when you need them
  • Non toxic solution, gentle on your home
  • One bottle – one table – dissolve – clean – repeat

What's in it?  We're all about transparancy so here's the breakdown of ingredients in simple terms.  No surprises at Tea Trees.

Sodium Carbonate:                                                                    

Used in manufacturing glass and soap and is used as a water softener.  It’s an approved food additive and can act as an antacid. Importantly, it has disinfectant properties and cuts through grease, organic soils,

Ethoxylated alcohol                                                                   

An effective germ killer, gentle on skin, biodegradable and non toxic

Quaternary ammonium salts                                   

Disinfectants & antibacterial, often used in fabric softeners and hair conditioners.  An effective anti bacterial solution.

Berol 226SA                                                                                 

A water based alkaline cleaner which is an exceptional cleaning solution of fat/oil and particulate soils.  Meets US EPA Safer Choice requirements

Sodium Sulphate                                                                        

Creates the suds in shampoo, this material is a naturally occurring salt which is non toxic and assists in the cleaning process

Citric Acid Anhydrous                                                               

Citric Acid comes from citrus fruits.  The ‘anhydrous’ part refers to ‘no water’ – hence it’s in a tablet!  It’s used as a preservative, is non toxic and kills bacteria, mold and mildew.  It’s considered a gentle cleaner for those with sensitive skin and is biodegradable

Sodium Silicate Anhydrous                                                     

Helps to reduce hard water and reduces mineral deposits on surfaces.  It’s biodegrable and slightly toxic in high concentration so be careful handling the undissolved tablet.

Polyethylene glycol 6000                                                         

Otherwise known as PEG6000, it’s found in many medicines, toothpastes and is also a permitted additive in foods. It’s used as a mould release agent and is found to be non toxic                            

Sodium Benzoate                                                                       

Often used as a preservative, it’s found in some soft drinks.  Benzoic acid is a good preservative and when combining it with Sodium Hydroxide it becomes more dissolvable (important when considering our tablets have to dissolve!) Some bacteria produce benzoic acid when fermenting yoghurt!  It’s biodegradable and non – toxic as a cleaning agent.

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Disodium Salt                

Safe, not easily absorbed by the skin, used as an ingredient in some foods, EDTA salt assists in binding the ingredients together.  Nontoxic and safe for the environment in small doses.


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  • 5
    This company will win awards

    Posted by PJ Singer on 8th Nov 2021

    Wow! I'm in love with the refill concept. Saving so much plastic and emissions. I'll be buying all the Tea Trees refills from now on

  • 5
    love it

    Posted by Anna on 31st Oct 2021

    Love this product! Smells fresh and clean! But the best thing … no plastic! I am so impressed I bought more of their products. I wish they had shampoos and conditioners too.

  • 5
    Refill cleaner

    Posted by Dulna on 4th Oct 2021

    Really good. Love the plastic saving - wish there were tablets for everything used in plastic bottles!

  • 5
    Cleaning tablets

    Posted by Wendy Pinkton on 20th Sep 2021

    A great way to reuse perfectly good spray bottles. Cleans everything well.

  • 5
    Refill cleaning multi purpose tabs

    Posted by Kelly on 6th Sep 2021

    Excellent. I love this product. I must buy some of the others.

  • 5
    All purpose refill tablets

    Posted by Taylor Smith on 17th Aug 2021

    These are fantastic. A great initiative to help the uselessness of single use plastic. The best way to recycle is to reuse. A bottle lasts for years and these tablets make a really good solution that works well and is gentle on the family.

  • 5
    Antibacterial and gentle

    Posted by Angela Gooden on 16th Aug 2021

    These work so well and I love the fragrance. Thumbs up from our family to yours!

  • 5
    Excellent refill cleaning system

    Posted by Chloe Murphy on 15th Aug 2021

    This is a really good cleaning agent that you just add to tap water. Cleans so well. Smells so good.

  • 4
    A good cleaning product

    Posted by Prue Cumner on 14th Aug 2021

    So easy to use and good to be saving the environment. Wish the wrappers were biodegradable though

  • 5
    Multi Purpose leaning tablets

    Posted by Brittany Foster on 2nd Aug 2021

    A really good cleaning product. I used an old spray bottle and popped in the tablet. Great smell.

  • 5

    Posted by Julie Williamson on 2nd Aug 2021

    I was given this product and I am pleasantly surprised. Dissolves into a water liquid that cleans well and smells amazing.

  • 5
    The Gnerral

    Posted by Morgan on 2nd Aug 2021

    Yep, I like it.