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Why the name Tea Trees when there is no Tea Tree oil included in our products?

Why the name Tea Trees when there is no Tea Tree oil included in our products?

12th Sep 2022

So here is the story... Just before the international borders closed due to covid, Tea Trees founders Saskia & Stu had a week in Seminyak, Bali. It was during the monsoon season and at the height of Bali's tidal rubbish problem where ocean currents and weather blow marine pollution from neighbouring Java - Indonesia's densely populated economic region. 

The rubbish was overwhelming. Plastic, dead fish & birds bobbed in the water. The sun highlighted a wall of colourful yoghurt containers, toothbrushes, soda bottles and lids with each wave that crashed. The swell dumping millions of pieces of rubbish on the sand. It was horrific. 

From Seminyak they flew back to Saskia's home town in Noosa. First stop was their favourite beach Tea Tree Bay. It was here when swimming in the pristine water, with the occasional passing loggerhead turtle and dolphin, the duo vowed to start a business with one mission... to minimise plastic waste... so that their kids and their kid's kids get to experience beaches free from litter. So that beaches scattered with rubbish doesn't become the norm. Just like Tea Tree Bay, or as the locals call it, Tea Trees.

The aim (and to have the biggest impact) was to produce a re-use option for everyday items in our homes. After months of product development Tea Trees refill tablets were born!! Cleaners and soaps that we use daily in our homes commonly come in single use plastic containers. Now, those containers can be re-used for a very long time. The tablets only need to be dissolved in tap water to create a solution that really works! And whats more, the ingredients are nice and gentle. 

It's time we all take responsibility for the amount of waste we create. And with refill tablets, it's easy to make the change. Imagine how many unnecessary bottles you could save hitting the bin!

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