Tablet based cleaning - why?

Tablet based cleaning - why?

10th May 2021

If you are like us, you are looking to reduce the amount of single – use plastic entering your home, and then landfill / recycling. Every second week, our recycling bin used to be overflowing. So much unnecessary plastic. The cleaning aisle of the supermarket has thousands upon thousands of plastic bottles – mostly made from non – recycled plastic. Sure, it is recyclable, but with only approximately 9.4% of all plastic used ending up being recycled, the numbers just don’t add up (source – WWF, 2019).

Large chemical companies are not doing enough to encourage re-use and re-fills. When you consider a large proportion of cleaning products are made from water, coupled with the weight of a 500ml bottle increasing the carbon emissions substantially and a bottle which is single use plastic – the impact on the planet is profound.

Our cleaning tablets weigh only 8 grams. We receive our goods to our warehouse in Torquay via Carbon Offset freight companies and ship to you via Sendle – Australia’s first fully carbon – offset courier business. So instantly you know the carbon impact has been minimised.

Our cleaning tablets take up next to no space in your cupboards – less clutter, more Marie Kondo – pleasing space saved! Arrange your cupboards with all the cleaning products you’ll need in not much more space than a shoebox!

Our focus is on reducing environmental impact – even with our packaging. Recycled boxes which are recyclable, long life recycled plastic bottles, even our tape is recycled and recyclable. Our cleaning system will not just reduce the amount of single use plastic – it will stop it!

We are committed to clean your home effectively whilst keeping our planet greener. Ditch the harsh chemicals and crazy amount of plastic and make the switch to Tea Trees and our amazing tablet based cleaning products. You and your family will love it!