Packaging is a huge part of the problem

Packaging is a huge part of the problem

2nd Apr 2021

How often do you try to purchase sustainable products only to find they arrive in copious amounts of plastic, process, glossy and unnecessary packaging?  At Tea Trees, we don't rely on 'smoke & mirrors' marketing to wow our fans.  We rely on providing the best product at the most competitive prices with packaging that is completely recycled, recyclable and even biodegradable.  This is what you'll receive when ordering from us.

Cleaning Bottles:  These tall and slender spray bottles are made from fully recycled plastic - already taking away other single use containers to make one long lasting bottle.  And if you ever choose to dispose of them, then yes they are also recyclable.  But why would you?  It'll last for ever

Cleaning Bottle Sprays:  The spray mechanism is completely recyclable

Handwash Bottles:  Made from PET, these bottles are completely recyclable but are designed to last for hundreds of uses.  By using the Tea Trees system, you'll be removing hundreds of single use plastic bottles over the journey.  We considered Glass however the manufacturing process of glass uses more energy that the same amount of petroleum.  Also the emissions needed to ship glass as opposed to lightweight plastic is significant.  Plus, we want to keep the prices down for our customers.  So we figure as long as you don't dispose of our recyclable bottles, the environment will thank you!

Handwash Pumps - also 100% recyclable.

Mailer Boxes:  Our mailer boxes are Australian made from recycled cardboard and paper and is 100% recyclable.  We don't print anything on the boxes thus don't use unnecessary ink or toxins.

Tape:  Our tape used to secure the boxes is recycled and recyclable kraft paper with a water soluble and biodegradable adhesive - you won't need to remove the tape to ensure biodegradability!

Shipping Labels - our labels are even biodegradable and recyclable

Mailer Bags- again made in Australia, our mailer bags are made of recycled newspaper and are fully biodegradable and recyclable

Tablet Pouches - made in Australia, these pouches are 100% biodegradable.  Feed 'em to your worms!

Tablet Packages:  Our tablets come in kraft paper pouches which are recycled.  In order to keep them dry (which is imperative) there's a small amount of PET plastic which renders these pouches unrecyclable.  However, this represents around 0.01% of the plastic from a single use container so we reckon that's a fair outcome.  We're working on reviewing this packaging as technology evolves

Bamboo Cleaning Cloths:  Made from cotton (the stitching) and bamboo fibre, these cloths are fully biodegradable.  But when you can wash them up to 300 times, no need to throw them at all!

Filler packaging:  In order to ensure the safety of your package, we use shredded newspaper.  Old school, like how you used to get your fish & chips!  Use it on the bottom of your birdcage, chicken coup, worm farm or just recycle.

We challenge you to find more sustainable packaging than Tea Trees and if you do, we'll gladly change!