How do Tea Trees prices compare to other supermarket and eco cleaner options?

How do Tea Trees prices compare to other supermarket and eco cleaner options?

3rd Aug 2022

Tea Trees refill tablets cost less than other environmentally friendly and supermarket eco cleaning options. 

A snapshot: 
500mL Tea Trees Eco Multi Purpose = $4.25
500mL Koala Eco Multi Purpose = $11.95
450mL Ajax Eco Multi Purpose = $5.00
So as well as saving plastic entering the environment, Tea Trees is saving you money! 

A box of 4 refill tablets are sold for $16.99 which equals to less than $4.25 per bottle. This is very competitive in price to most other eco supermarket brands, and great value when compared to most eco ranges!

An example comparison: a 450mL bottle of Ajax Eco Multi Purpose Cleaner (Mint & Eucalyptus) at Woolie costs $5.00. This product comes in a single use plastic bottle which will end up in a bin, and has 50mL less. A 500mL single use bottle of eco-friendly Koala multi purpose is sold at many wholefood stores for an average cost of $11.95.
Each Tea Trees refill tablet makes a long lasting solution. The kitchen, multi purpose, bathroom and glass cleaning solutions make 500mL while the FOMO foaming handwashes make 450mL that pumps out over 600 foamy soap pumps! 
Tea Trees' fundamental mission is to minimise single use plastic. The products were designed with gentle ingredients to minimise further impact on the environment. To succeed in this mission it was imperative to keep the prices competitive so that more homes around Australia can change their cleaning behaviour and adopt the refill products. 
Refill tablets come with free shipping when bought online and come with 20% off when purchased on an online subscription basis, consumers can opt to have their refills delivered every 1, 2 or 3 months.