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10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint... and save money!!

10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint... and save money!!

12th Aug 2022

What is a carbon footprint? Simply, it's a measure of the total amount of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere as a result of your actions.

Greenhouse gasses are any type of gas in the atmosphere that block heat from escaping causing the greenhouse effect - the process where these gasses trap heat from the sun causing the Earth to warm at an unnatural rate.

Man-made climate change is rapidly accelerating the pattern of long-term change in the global temperature & weather patterns.

Effects of climate change include hotter temperatures, severe storms & droughts, a warming ocean, loss of species, not enough food - rise in hunger and poor nutrition, more health risks, and poverty & displacement.

People ask all the time what they can do to minimise their carbon footprint on a daily basis. Here are some simple & convenient steps you can introduce to make a change. Oh, and make sure you vote wisely!

  • Keep stuff out of landfill - recycle, reuse or repurpose as much as you can.
  • Stop buying water in plastic bottles.
  • Walk and bike ride rather than drive short trips.
  • Use cold water for clothes washing.
  • Eat less meat & dairy.
  • Eat more locally grown foods.
  • Set winter thermostat to between 18-20 degrees.
  • Use public transport where possible.
  • Turn off lights and devices when not using them.
  • Keep your car serviced & tyres pumped up.

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