We’re starting a revolution.  One piece of single use plastic at a time.

We’re starting a revolution. One piece of single use plastic at a time.

16th Feb 2014

Welcome to Tea Trees Eco Ware. Our philosophy is so simple. To provide your home with products which reduce your dependance on land filling, ocean filling, beach filling single use products. 85% of soft plastics from bags and packaging ends in landfill. Australians use 17 BILLION bottles and cans with less than half being recycled. Australians produce 1 tonne of plastic waste each and every minute.

So what are WE going to do about this? Our aim is to remove 100,000 plastic bottles and 20,000 cleaning cloths from the world in 12 months

Our cleaning products are revolutionary. Space saving, non toxic, effervescent tabs, simply added to your recycled spray bottle can change your environmental impact immediately. Today! The tabs can be safely and easily stored in your cupboard meaning you’ll never run out of cleaning products again. Highly effective, non-toxic, safe, pleasant smelling products which will leave your home fresh & clean, your cupboards free of oddly shaped and ill fitting plastic bottles and your eco footprint reducing by the day.

Our FOMO handwash bottle and tablets produce the lightest and fluffiest hand foam going around - not too 'soapy' and very gentle on your hands.  Non drying, antibacterial and with a very subtle scent - you'll be amazed at how effective the tablet system is.  

Tea Trees Eco Ware is Australian owned – our products are all developed here and we research extensively to ensure your experiences outperform your expectations.

We’ve set some pretty big goals in 2021. We’d love for you and your family to join us. Small steps, taken together, can take us all a very long way.