Why We Love Tea Trees Eco Ware

Why We Love Tea Trees Eco Ware

6th May 2021

We can't tell you how stoked we are to be featured on a blog that we adore. The My Healthy Soul Blog is all about being good for the earth and good for the soul. Chuffed to have such a good review on their blog. 

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"Australians produce 1 tonne of plastic waste each and every minute. So what are WE going to do about this? Our aim is to remove 100,000 plastic bottles and 20,000 cleaning cloths from the world in 12 months."

TEA TREES by Caroline Borghetto

Oooh our first brand on The Down Low! I am so excited to share Tea Trees Eco Ware. These guys are an Aussie Owned startup (in fact local to my hometown Torquay), they are my kinda crew, planet-loving, eco-warriors.

Tea Trees was started by Saskia and Stu in 2020 and is officially launching in May 2021. This gorgeous couple, after a trip overseas, seeing plastic in the crashing waves of their holiday destination, were inspired to DO SOMETHING! Having four kids and living in a seaside town were both big motivations for them. They want to make a difference, do their bit and educate and raise ecoliterate kids.

With a lot of research and meticulous design, the couple have created a range of products that tick all the good (sustainable) boxes. You order one long-life, recyclable and recycled bottle. You drop a (non-toxic, eco-fiendly) tablet in, add water, let it dissolve and you have your cleaning product. The cool part is that you don’t reorder the bottles, just the tablets. The bottles are slim and tall and take up less room in the cupboard. The tablets and the initial bottles are very affordable. The packaging is awesome, you can read about it here. It is sustainable and eco-friendly, some of it is even compostable.

The products even have cool names, The Bomb, The General, Heavy Lifter, Glimmer and FOMO (for their foaming hand wash ha ha love it). They also have bamboo cloths to use with their cleaning products. I have used The Bomb (bathroom) and Glimmer (glass cleaner) both are awesome, do the job really well and smell nice. I have a pre-order in for the rest, coming end of May!! Saskia and Stu have thought of everything, even the delivery and shipping is 100% carbon neutral through Sendle. You can read more about that here.

These guys are cool cats, I love what they are doing and I can’t get behind them enough. Follow them on Insta here and check out their website to order and learn more.

Stay tuned for more on The Down Low. I have loved sharing Tea Trees Eco Ware with you and I can’t wait to share more amazing Aussie brands!