Why use household refill cleaning products?

Why use household refill cleaning products?

7th Dec 2021

We are on a mission to remove single use plastic from the planet.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard all about the damage plastic and micro plastic is having on our earth.  So how can your Tea Trees purchase help the planet?

1.  Low transport costs:  The main ingredient in our cleaning products is light weight - only 8 grams for each refill tablet, compared to shipping a full bottle of cleaning product (at least half a kilo!).  Less carbon dioxide from transporting our goods means there's less carbon in the atmosphere.  When sending your order, we use either Sendle (www.sendle.com.au) or Australia Post - both of whom offset the carbon they use in transporting your goods.  So before you even receive your order, you're generating less carbon!

2.  rPet cleaning bottles:  Have you heard of rPet?  It's recycled plastic, which in turn is recyclable!  Our long life cleaning bottles are far better for the planet by reusing plastic and then refilling the bottle time and time again!  

3.  Our packaging is locally sourced, recycled and recyclable - our labels, tablet boxes & mailers are all recycled and recyclable which closes the loop on waste.  We've even bought an old fashioned ink stamp for branding and our packing tape is fully biodegradable.  It's the little things that combined, make the biggest difference.

Feedback from customers to date indicates 99% believe our product cleans at least as well as the larger supermarket equivalents.  100% of customers feel Tea Trees is reducing the amount of single use plastic in the world.  We believe the future of cleaning products will be in refill form.  Much like dishwasher tablets - supporting a tablet based cleaning refill system will see hundreds of thousands less plastic bottles in land fill. 

If you want to support an Australian business and buy a cleaning product which makes your home sparkle while reducing your plastic footprint, then you've come to the right place.  

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