The Bomb - Bathroom Cleaning Refill Tablets

The Bomb - Bathroom Cleaning Refill Tablets

2nd Sep 2021

The Tea Trees bathroom cleaner, 'The Bomb', is getting rave reviews from many people around Australia. The bathroom cleaning refill tablets are made from gentle food grade products (see ingredients here). The solution is made by just adding tap water. The tablet refill concept is leading the way in reusing plastic bottles over and over again saving plastic hitting landfill.

The Bomb works best at removing stubborn bathroom dirt, soap scum, toothpaste and grime. It's a great cleaning solution to regularly keep your bathroom sink, shower, bath and toilet tops and seats clean.

The best way to use The Bomb on a daily basis is to:

1. First wipe down the area with a damp clean cloth - removing as much built up grime as you can. Rinse area (if you can) afterwards.

2. Spray The Bomb over the surface area you are cleaning. Make sure you reach all areas ie behind faucets and behind toilet seat area.

3. Wipe down the area with a clean damp cloth using a bit of elbow grease. You may need a couple of cloths if it is quite dirty.

4. If the grout ring and drain are super dirty you may need to liberally spray on The Bomb and leave for a couple of minutes. Use a scrubbing brush to scrub the solution into the very dirty area. Rinse clean and wipe with a clean cloth.

The Bomb is a very effective bathroom cleaner that is gentle on the senses. People have been describing The Bomb as:

"A really good cleaning product. Can highly recommend this. Good price too." Danielle Hopkin

"My son has eczema and flares up with most cleaners I use. This product gives him no reaction at all. Nice to find a gentle product that works and is not expensive." Andrew

"I really like the non toxic feel to this spray. It cleans up all the grime but doesn't make me feel sick when I breathe in while cleaning. In fact the smell is beautiful." Adineh

The Bomb bathroom cleaner has a subtle citrus scent which is very popular amongst users.

"I have to say I really like this product. It is so gentle on my lungs but strong on the cleaning front." Matisse Close.

"So gentle on my senses. I usually hate cleaning my bathroom as the chemicals make my nose blocked. This doesn't affect me at all." Alexa Zhang.

The Bomb refill cleaning solution works well with the Tea Trees Bamboo Cloths and Glimmer - the refill glass and mirror cleaning solution.