Plastic Free July - are you in?

Plastic Free July - are you in?

25th Jun 2021

This July marks the 10 year anniversary of 'Plastic Free July' and we at Tea Trees are a huge believer in the need to make single use plastic a thing of the past.  It's amazing to think we use something once yet it lasts an eternity in the environment.

During the month we're going to help raise the profile of this terrific cause and will donate $2 from every order we receive in July.  In addition, we're going to run daily and weekly promotions to give away our less - plastic cleaning solution.

The movement is heading in the right direction.  According to the Plastic Free Foundation, 92% of Australian's are conscious of their use of plastic and want to reduce this.  However, each Australian uses 59kgs of plastic each year and remarkably, more than 1,000,000 Australian households continue to use single use plastic bottles for drinking water.

Our motivation is to provide Australian families with a less - plastic alternative to cleaning products.  Plus, less toxic ingredients which do a great job and take up so much space in your home.  Our refill cleaning tablets weigh 8grams - that's 492 grams less than a 500ml bottle of cleaning liquid from the supermarket - so our transport emissions are a fraction of the amount of our competitors.  We've saved thousands of bottles from landfill in only two short months and want to encourage more Australian's to clean with Tea Trees during Plastic Free July

There's so much you can do with your family and workplaces to increase awareness of a need to reduce your single use plastic output.  It's as simple as asking your place of purchase for alternatives.  Take your coffee mug to the cafe.  Don't forget your reusable shopping bags.  Buy loose fruit and vegetables.  And opt for the Tea Trees cleaning refill tablets!  Learn more about this fantastic organisation here

If the only thing you do differently this July is consider one way to use less single - use plastic in your home, then you're on the right path.