4 x new FOMO Foaming Handwash Fragrances

4 x new FOMO Foaming Handwash Fragrances

12th Jun 2022

Hallelujah!! We are so pleased to announce our 4 new FOMO Foaming Handwash Fragrances are all made from gentle eco friendly vegan ingredients… AND they are all available for you to buy online with FREE Shipping on all tablet orders.

So what are the new hand wash scents?

FRESH VANILLA: A sweet creamy vanilla foaming soap that will evoke purity and calmness when lathering your hands.

BALI CUCUMBER: The classic blend of freshly sliced cucumber and melon in a foaming soap will leave your hands feeling refreshingly cool. Your senses will take you back to the fresh side of Bali!

ORANGE FRUIT ROSE: A fresh and zesty orange citrus fragrance with a hint of velvety dark rose perfume that combined makes you feel like Spring is in the room.

WARM CINNAMON: A warm cinnamon foaming soap with tantalising peppery, fruity and vanilla like fragrances that will make you feel warm and cozy.

If you already have a foaming soap dispenser you will only need to purchase the refill tablets, otherwise you can grab a bottle and tablet pack where you can re-use the bottle over and over again.