Glimmer Glass Cleaning bottle and 4 refill tablets

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  • Glimmer Glass and Mirror Cleaner Refill Tablets by Tea Trees
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Glimmer Glass Cleaning bottle plus 4 refill tablets

Goodbye to hand prints, dog saliva, dirt, dust, toothpaste and more with the Glimmer Glass Cleaner dissolvable cleaning solution.  In this pack you will receive a Long Life fully recycled Australian Made RPET bottle with fine mist spray nozzle and 4 x dissolvable cleaning tablets.  Equivalent to buying 4 bottles from the supermarket, you will immediately be using less single use plastic and will be making a real difference to our planet.

Best of all, the Glimmer Glass Cleaner is an effective way of removing dirt, dust, hand prints, pet saliva, toothpaste, soap and water scum and more.  It's non toxic, gentle, doesn't include unneccesary colours or fragrances and simply does what it says - cleans glass.

Directions:  Simply add 500 mls of warm water to your Tea Trees recycled long life bottle, drop in the Glimmer Glass tablet and wait until fully dissolved (at least 15 minutes).  Attached spray and voila, you're ready to roll!

Spray liberally on all glass surfaces, a section at a time.  With a clean cloth (or scrunched up newspaper) wipe liberally.  Before the liquid dissolves, wipe vigoursly with a clean cloth / newspaper.  For particularly dirty surfaces, repeat.  For a perfect finish, wife over once more with the clean cloth / paper.

  • Less clutter in your cupboards
  • Less plastic entering landfill
  • More supply - a backup of cleaning tablets ready when you need them
  • Non toxic solution, gentle on your home
  • No fragrances or colours
  • The most environmentally friendly packaging available

What's in it?  We're all about transparancy so here's the breakdown of ingredients in simple terms.  No surprises at Tea Trees.

Sodium Bicarbonate                             

AKA baking soda, bicarb, bicard soda.  We eat it.  It’s a mild disinfectant, can absord musty smells and can also be an effective fungicide.  It’s completely non toxic and biodegradable.

Citric Acid Anhydrous                           

Citric Acid comes from citrus fruits.  The ‘anhydrous’ part refers to ‘no water’ – hence it’s in a tablet!  It’s used as a preservative, is non toxic and kills bacteria, mold and mildew.  It’s considered a gentle cleaner for those with sensitive skin and is biodegradable

Sodium C14 – C16 olefin sulfonate       

Firstly, it’s not a sulfate.  It’s often found in shampoos and is an effective cleaning agent to remove dirt, oils and pollutants.  Biodegradable

Sodium Chloride                                     

It’s a fancy way of saying salt.  When paired with citric acid it makes a powerful cleaner.  Non toxic and biodegradable

Polyethylene glycol 6000                       

Otherwise known as PEG 6000, it’s found in many medicines, toothpastes and is also a permitted additive in foods. It’s used as a mold release agent and is found to be non toxic                                                       

Sodium Benzoate                                     

Often used as a preservative, it’s found in some soft drinks.  Benzoic acid is a good preservative and when combining it with Sodium Hydroxide it becomes more dissolvable (important when considering our tablets have to dissolve!) Some bacteria produce benzoic acid when fermenting yoghurt!  It’s biodegradable and non – toxic as a cleaning agent.

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  • 4
    Like my Glimmer

    Posted by Patricia Bell on 13th Apr 2022

    It's a good product. My pool fence, sliding doors all came up great. Found my mirrors a little streaky though. Had to use some good elbow grease to remove the streaks. Love the plastic saving

  • 5
    Love my Glimmer

    Posted by Jane McMillan on 20th Mar 2022

    A gentle solution that works well. No streaks on my mirrors and cleans the windows with easy.

  • 3

    Posted by Elaine Parker on 20th Mar 2022

    The solution is ok but the spray trigger setting is shithouse. It takes me 50 sprays to get the solution over the entire glass doors.

  • 5
    Thank you

    Posted by Gloria B on 18th Mar 2022

    Thank you for making this cleaner that reuses the bottle. What a neat idea.

  • 5
    My fave

    Posted by J Loke on 14th Mar 2022

    This is my fave from the bunch. My mirrors are so easy to clean with this.

  • 5
    Glimmer Shimmer!!

    Posted by Adraianna on 25th Nov 2021

    Fun cleaner. Works like a treat

  • 4

    Posted by Y Bailey on 8th Nov 2021

    Love the concept. The cleaning agent is excellent. My nozzle only sprays out at one mode, Would be good if it jetted out too. But love the product and love doing my part to reuse plastic.

  • 5
    The glass cleaner

    Posted by Grace_Lincoln on 29th Oct 2021

    Works well on my house windows and mirrors. Love using it on my car. I even put one in my windscreen water thingy and it works really well too!

  • 5
    Glass tablets

    Posted by Kat Redding on 14th Oct 2021

    Good cleaner. No powerful toxic smells. Will order again.

  • 5
    Mel Cook

    Posted by Glimmer on 13th Oct 2021

    A really good glass cleaner. No streaks. Lovely natural ingredients. Nozzle could be stronger

  • 5
    Glimmer + Newspaper

    Posted by Lesley on 20th Sep 2021

    Cleaned all mirrors in my house today and they all were easy to clean with this. Happy to review and give 5 stars!

  • 5
    Glass cleaner

    Posted by John SF on 20th Sep 2021

    Good cleaner. The bathroom mirror was easy to clean up with no streaks. I like the bottle and trigger shape.