FOMO Handwash - Antibacterial, Vegan Refill Tablets x 4 Orange Fruit Rose

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FOMO Foaming Handwash Refill Pack (Vegan) – 4 tablets Orange Fruit Rose - each tablet makes 600+ pumps!

That's under $4.25 for each 450ml refill including FREE POST

A fresh and zesty orange citrus fragrance with a hint of velvety dark rose perfume that combined makes you feel like Spring is in the room.

Suffering from FOMO?  Well you should be!  You do not want have ‘fear of missing out’ with our revolutionary Foaming Handwash Pack.  Goodbye to grubby, smelly, grotty and downright sickly hands and hellooooo to Fomo dissolvable Orange Fruit Rose handwash tablets.  In this pack you will receive 4 x dissolvable Orange Fruit Rose antibacterial cleaning tablets.  Equivalent to buying 4 large plastic soap dispensers from the supermarket, you will immediately be using less plastic and will be making a real difference to our planet. Safe for your family and pets! Note - there is no Tea Tree Oil in our products.

DirectionsSimply add 450 ml of warm water to your Tea Trees Long Life foaming handwash bottle, drop in a dissolvable hand wash tablet, allow to fully dissolve (15 minutes) and voila - foaming hand wash goodness awaits!

It’s important to have a foaming handwash dispenser in order for the tablets to product a delightful fluffy cloud of bubbles – if in doubt, the Tea Trees Foaming Handwash bottle works a treat

Best of all, the FOMO Handwash system is an antibacterial handwash – it’s non toxic, gentle, feels delightfully soft (like a cloud of goodness) and smells divine.  Other benefits of Fomo include:

  • Less clutter in your cupboards
  • Less plastic entering landfill
  • Vegan - no testing on animals
  • More supply - a backup of handwash tablets ready when you need them
  • Non toxic solution, gentle on your home
  • One bottle – one table – dissolve – clean – repeat

We'll include FREE POSTAGE on any refill order so you can be comfortable knowing you'll be saving the earth AND your back pocket with zero additional costs.

What's in it?  We're all about transparancy so here's the breakdown of ingredients in simple terms.  No surprises at Tea Trees.

Sodium Carbonate: Often used as an antacid, it's also known as Soda-Ash and is nontoix in the levels found in Tea Tree products. It is also considered a substance friendly to the environment, as it occurs in nature in a dissociated form. In our hand wash teh Sodium Carbonate softens water helping other cleaning ingredients lift soil from hands.

Citric Acid Anhydrous: Citric Acid comes from citrus fruits.  The ‘anhydrous’ part refers to ‘no water’ – hence it’s in a tablet!  It’s used as a preservative, is non toxic and kills bacteria, mold and mildew.  It’s considered a gentle cleaner for those with sensitive skin and is biodegradable

Sodium N-lauroylsarcosinate: also known as Sarkosyl, is an anionic surfactant derived from Sarcosine used as a foaming and cleansing agent in shampoo, shaving foam, toothpaste, and foam wash products. A mild, biodegradable cleansing agent that is also a very good team-player next to other cleaning agents. It is known for its good foam-boosting abilities while improving the mildness of the formula. According to the FDA, Sodium N-Lauroyl Sarcosinate is completely safe if used as intended.

Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate: an amino acid surfactant sythesised by acylation and neautralisation of Lauric Acid and Glutamate from corn fermentation. It is natural, moisturising and mild. Besides its good surface properties, it will not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies and toxicity to the skin.

Sodium Benzoate: Often used as a preservative, it’s found in some soft drinks.  Benzoic acid is a good preservative and when combining it with Sodium Hydroxide it becomes more dissolvable (important when considering our tablets have to dissolve!) Some bacteria produce benzoic acid when fermenting yoghurt!  It’s biodegradable and non – toxic as a cleaning agent.

Fragrance: Essential Oils from Orange and Rose

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  • 5
    Orange soap

    Posted by Christine McIennan on 18th Jul 2022

    Surprised at how foamy this actually is! It feels very soft on my hands and easy to lather.

  • 5
    Must try!!

    Posted by JL Holmes on 26th Jun 2022

    This is a must try. Delightfully smelling and soothing to use. Love the fact I am reusing my container. Brilliant

  • 5
    orange soap

    Posted by Larry Veryey on 21st Jun 2022

    smells a lot like oranges and only slightly like a rose. I really like it.

  • 5
    Just lovely

    Posted by Tanya Averett on 21st Jun 2022

    A lovely smelling soap. Surprisingly foamy and very easy to make. It's nice having refills ready for when the end of the bottle sneaks up on you!

  • 5
    Glad I found these refills

    Posted by Kerry Florento on 20th Jun 2022

    What a great product reusing the bottles. I have tried all of the FOMO fragrances and this one is my top pick!

  • 5
    FOMO Orange Rose

    Posted by Pam King on 20th Jun 2022

    Beautiful smelling. The subtle rose is just devine.

  • 5
    Orange soap

    Posted by Doreen Sillard on 20th Jun 2022

    you'll love this soap. Great idea with the tablets.

  • 5
    Very fresh and summery

    Posted by Vaitupu L on 20th Jun 2022

    Fragrance is just beautiful. The soap is very gentle on my hands.

  • 5

    Posted by Debbie Bishop on 17th Jun 2022

    I love the 2 scents - you really can smell both. The soap never dries out my hands like most do from the supermarket

  • 5
    Lovely and foamy

    Posted by Guillerma P on 17th Jun 2022

    Happy to recommend. I have been using Tea Trees for almost a year and have loved the new fragrances. This one is a lovely fragrance.

  • 5
    Best of the lot

    Posted by Heather Duncan on 17th Jun 2022

    I have tried all 6 FOMOs and this one is on the top of my list. The orange and rose blend beautifully. I love all my Tea Trees products. I think single use plastic brands should be heavily taxed to push society into re-using things. Tea Trees = Brilliant.

  • 5
    plastic saving and a lovely soap

    Posted by Doreen Eshman on 9th Jun 2022

    The subtle rose with the orange is a beaitufl smell. I love the refill idea. This is the future of soaps and cleaning products.